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Os brasileiros que doam sêmen para inseminações caseiras

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O analista de sistemas hoje é casado, e sua mulher é a maior incentivadora das doações de sêmen. Holland exige que a receptora seja maior de idade e informe sobre o nascimento do bebê, caso o procedimento dê certo. Eu sempre quis um doador conhecido. Biologicamente falando, ele é pai do meu filho e eu acho importante saber a identidade. Ela tentou novamente em novembro e depois em março do ano passado, desta vez com um doador diferente. A quarta tentativa, em abril dedeu certo.

Prefeitura diz que pedido de apoio demorou

Street drugs Abstract in English The subject of this study was the Harm Reduction Unit HRU of the Municipal Health Department of Santo André, taking it to be a working tool for healthcare that has the purpose of transforming the health situation of individuals forming part of socially marginalized groups. These are individuals who spend their lives or work on the streets: drug users, prostitutes, female sex workers, men who have sex with men, sexually exploited adolescents, transsexuals, transvestites, lesbians and women working in brothels. The general objective was to evaluate the HRU from the viewpoint of individuals that the program reaches. This study started from the understanding that the social question has now taken on new features coming from production restructuring processes that, to a greater or lesser degree, impinge on these individuals' lives, and from the presupposition that the HRU goes beyond distributing supplies and guidance for preventing transmissible diseases, through seeking to ensure individuals' rights to health and support their access to other social rights. It sought to understand the users' family, work and life situations, find out how they rated the program and analyze the repercussions of the HRU's work on their lives. This was a strategic study of evaluative nature using a qualitative method to grasp this subject. Nineteen semi-structured interviews were held with users in the different segments attended by the program. The interviewees showed that: they were in a wide variety of family setups; working on the streets was consequential to their marginalized path through life and their impossibility of accessing other types of work; and they craved a better life. The HRU's potential benefits were indicated to be: improved healthcare and condom use; decreased drug use; improved seeking and access to healthcare services; and decreased material sharing for drug use; improved decision-making capacity.


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